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The MJog Health Campaign Manager is a great tool for reaching out to your patients, for your clinical recalls and invites. Each year, thousands of practices will send invites to their patients regarding their influenza vaccinations, saving money against traditional post or phone call costs.

There is a user guide that you can download, which you can print or view offline, on your screen. All of the headings in the table of contents are clickable and will take you straight to the information you require. There is also a selection of video guides to show you how to use your MJog service to reach out to patients who need the flu vaccination. The process is identical for any other campaign messages you may wish to send to patients, such as invitations for health checks, or asthma reviews.

We have also made flu templates available for download from the template library and there are posters you can download and print for posting within your practice.

There is no audio required for these videos.

Text popping up too quickly? Pause the video

If video quality is poor, select the playback settings for the video and select the highest option available. The videos were created in 1080p, although 720p should also be acceptable quality.

To help make it easier for you, we have added a number of templates to the template library which cover key patient demographics that need the flu vaccination. To access the template library, within your MJog, select Communicate with my patients, click the Download Templates button, then select the Flu category.

Each template comes in two versions; a normal version and a version for MJog systems that use an NHSmail account to send text messages, designated by (NHSmail) in the template name. If your MJog uses an NHSmail account to send text messages, make sure you download the NHSmail version of the template. If your MJog system doesn't use an NHSmail account, download the normal version of the template.

The Smart version of each template will require a small edit before you can use them. Simple step-by-step instructions are displayed within the template or can be found here.

Click on the links below to see a preview of the different templates available.

Flu Vacc - Generic message asking patients to call to book a vaccination or reply DECLINE

Flu Vacc - For Pregnant Women - Tailored message for pregnant patients, call to book or reply DECLINE

Flu Vacc - Nasal for Children - Tailored message for patients over 2 years old, call to book or reply DECLINE

Flu Vacc - For Children - Tailored message for patients under 2 years old, call to book or reply DECLINE

Flu Vacc - Walk-In Clinic - No need to contact the practice, drop in or reply DECLINE

We have a selection of flu vaccination focused posters available for print, which can be downloaded from this page.  There are two versions of each poster, one which you can print yourself, and another you can send to a professional printers for printing.

Poster showing the flu vaccination invite

Poster showing the flu vaccination invite for pregnant women

Poster showing the flu vaccination invite for children